Glass Redux

March 20, 2014

So, you know that glass that Peter broke a few nights ago, the one that shattered when it hit his bathroom floor at about one in the morning? The one we told him to clean up really well, because when glass shatters like that, it sprays the tiniest of shards in all directions, which then get spread around…  and, well… you know where this is going. 

It’s a mine field out there. 

Jim wears crocs in the house (house-only crocs, which…. I think most men would consider crocs suitable for house-only-wear) so has not run into any glass.  But Peter and I…. we’ve both been victimized (and in my case traumatized) by surprise glass.

Last night, for example, it’s about 1:00 (again with the 1:00am!), I’m brushing my teeth, and Peter knocks on the bathroom door. He’d stepped on a piece of glass in the kitchen and wanted to come in to get the tweezers. I watched him as he carefully extracted the glass and as he went to show me how tiny it was and how very sharp, he dropped it on the bathroom floor.  We spent about five minutes looking for it (like I need a piece of broken glass on my bathroom floor), but didn’t find it, so gave up so he could get to bed.  

A couple minutes later, he returns saying he stepped on another piece of glass, this time in the hall.  (I’m telling you, these things spread around.)  Again, he carefully removed it, seeming pretty casual about the whole thing. Off to bed he went. 

And this evening, I stepped on a piece. Mine was in the hall. Peter was kind enough to work on it (it was in a hard-to-reach spot), the least he could do, but without success.  At least I think it was still in there.. he never saw it come out and I wasn’t willing to stand on it for fear of pushing it in farther. Gave up for a couple hours.

Then Jim took a stab (literally).


I’m not sure if he got it, or Peter did earlier..Peter definitely drew more blood. In any case, it seems gone. 

I’m not a great patient. All I’m going to say about that. This amuses Peter, no end.

I’m not sure why nobody around here has taken a vacuum to this situation.. maybe tomorrow. In the meantime, I’m not a slipper person, but I am wearing them now.

Peter is on his own.