Let It Rain

March 28, 2014

Got weather lucky today. Two things that were weather-dependent, both happened. Happy.

First thing: Had to move a pile of dirt from the street to the back yard.

Brief backstory: This was top soil delivered three days ago that was to be used to fill a trench created by plumbers hired to replace the a busted sewer line. (Recall: when the plumbers went to refill the trench they’d dug, they found that rain had so compacted the soil, they were short of dirt sufficient to fill the trench completely.  Way short.)  The night after the dirt was delivered, it rained like crazy, which soaked the pile (not to mention washed some of the dirt a half a block down the gutter). The trench-filling effort was aborted and rescheduled for today.

So, back to today: The pile wasn’t supposed to be wet and heavy, but because of all the rain, it was both.  So it was a grunt to load, haul, unload and spread.  Here’s the pile (and note those muddy gutters):


Frances is loading mud into a wheelbarrow here. The dirt is so heavy, it’s hard to maneuver the wheelbarrow.  Our other solution was to shovel smaller loads into buckets and then take the buckets in a cart. Marginally easier. This is what the mud looks like after dumping one of the buckets:


That’s solid, goey, wet mud. Looks like a couple of giant turds, no?   Then ya had to spread it out, lest it dry into a solid, hard lump. I mean really.

This was some back breaking work.  But we hired this guy to help:


He had no trouble filling and moving a wheelbarrow full of mud. That’s 20 (years old) for you.

When he finished moving all the dirt (he arrived about 45 minutes into the task and made pretty quick work of what remained), he started dismantling our three compost storage containers and spreading the contents in a strategic manner in “the pit,” the area of our yard that is to become a large raised bed for vegetables.  More on that project later.

Anyway, we accomplished all of this without the hassle of rain.  Very grateful for that!

Second thing: Managed to get the second of two baseball games in this week, both without rain.

The JV team won both games pretty decisively, which was great.  They were the first two conference games, so they’re off to a confident start.

Even nicer today was the dugout visit by the DHS principal, Will Brown.  Pretty classy move to attend an away game (Grant High in Sac) and spend time with the JV team.  He also made an appearance at the varsity game, being played on the next field over.  Turns out, he went to Grant as a kid, and worked as an administrator in that district for a long time. Still, to make the effort was greatly appreciated, and very cool.  Here he is, flanked by Daniel and Peter.  Photo courtesy of Dianna Henrickson.


He moved around a little, talking to all the players.



So, in the end, it was a lucky day.  May the rain now fall!