For years (and years and years), I have walked the arboretum.  Routinely, twice a week. Sometimes more.  I would have thought I’d seen it all.

But I discovered a new place (thanks, Carrie and Bodie).

It’s a trail that parallels the creek on the south side and heads westward until it merges with the regular old paved path at the western-most turnaround point. We picked it up just beyond the Mondavi.  It’s not all outstanding, but parts are, like this:


It’s a bit more dog-friendly… Bodie wandered off-leash, happy as could be. I think it’s all university property. I-80 is humming by, about 200-300 yards to the left in this picture.

I just realized… this alternative route might come in handy during sprinkler season when it’s hard to get from one end of the arboretum to the other without getting doused in water. Hmmmm…