It’s a Fair Question

March 10, 2014

The plumbers come. They dig a trench two feet wide by three feet deep and, let’s say, about fifty feet long.

Give or take.

They pile the dirt in neat stacks along both sides, but mostly the north side. A week goes by while they futz about in the trench, extracting this and that from our sewer pipe. In fact, they replace the pipe. (This is all old news, I understand.) A tiny bit of rain falls, but nothing to speak of.  

Today, done with the installation and inspections, they set about to return the dirt to its hole. All the dirt. And, in fact, they do this, but after the piles have been completely leveled, we find ourselves short. There is not sufficient dirt to fill the hole completely:


It seems we have a remaining trench about 14″ wide, 6″ deep, and now about 40-45 feet long. 

So, it’s a fair question, the question being, Where’d the rest of the dirt go?