Diving Otters

March 12, 2014

Obviously, I’ve hit a patch of busy where blog posts are barely manageable.  Bear with me.

These are the kinds of non-routine activities that seem to have eaten time so far in 2014:

– Out of town trips: PV, Tahoe, Dillon, Napa. Check. Behind us. (Also behind us..maybe.. the relentless calorie-rich meals. Fruit salad and vegetable juice, anyone?)

– Baseball season: two to three games per week, which include scorekeeping and article writing for each, with a weekly Tuesday-noon deadline… and re-familiarizing myself with both iScore and sports-writer-like jargon. Almost hitting my stride here, still a bit cross-eyed.

– Emergency gardening as a result of busted sewer pipes: relocating and babying 50-75 brand new plants while our backyard was trenched. So much more to go on this one.

– Bit of volunteering: the upcoming launch of the yearlong, 12-cities Compassion Tour and a new thing…driving for the Interfaith Rotating Winter Shelter. Neighbor June is an ongoing project (just this moment, a call to go check out her blinking microwave oven).

– Editing: reviewing the 450+ page second draft of a friend’s third novel (this is the big one, says friend). The perfect volunteer job.

– My efudex, Peter’s acutane, Jim’s implant: research and implementation thereof.

– And I guess I need to count the hours and hours and hours spent driving around Yolo County.  As of now, it’s slowed to just a few trips a week, but for a while there, it was daily and/or nightly–motivated, obsessive new driver that Peter was/is.

A routine day seems elusive.

And then there’s the time it takes to just keep up. Everyone’s life, I know. I’m just saying. But hey, it’s spring and there is just nothing like 75 degree soft breezes and flowers.  So the walks lately have been particularly heavenly.

This was one of the drippy, grey mornings earlier this week.. and is a shot of one of the otters on Putah Creek. Under the nearer of the two redbuds. It was an otter, but I missed it. So I also have that to look forward to one of these days.


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