Plush Horse

August 14, 2021

The Plush Horse was an iconic restaurant on the corner of Palos Verdes Blvd and Pacific Coast Highway in Hollywood Riviera (now called, ahem, Riviera Village).

It was one of the nicer restaurants in our immediate restaurant zone.. the other really nice one was The Velvet Turtle. Later in the 60s, the Admiral Risty and the Chart House opened, but we (kids) didn’t get taken to those for some reason. Of course there were lots of others, but with four kids, we didn’t go out that often to formal places (we were more Woody’s Smorgasbord people) and when we did, our family tradition was The Velvet Turtle.

A gazillion years ago, the Plush Horse closed and was replaced by a very fancy grocery store (not sure it was in the same footprint of if they rebuilt it, or what). Now that corner’s been completely bulldozed and I am not sure what’s going in. Sad (to me) to see so much change. Sigh.

Anyway.. how much change since the Plush Horse’s heyday? Check out this menu:

So much to say about this menu. The entree selections, the after dinner drinks, the “tossed green salad” (just cracks me up), the martini stuff, the maitre d’ thing, and of course those PRICES. The whole thing. Just makes me feel nostalgic and kinda old and kinda missing a simpler life (but not all the trappings of the fifties and sixties culture).

Just… gosh. How am I 65? How is this menu so weird?

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