Black Fruit Matters

August 13, 2021

I don’t mean to co-opt, no cultural misappropriation and definitely no disrespect. But the first thought that wafted over me as I ate my first ever Black Mission fig from my very own garden was I like the black fruit & vegetables best. Black fruit matters!

All summer — while I’ve LOVED the chard, LOVED the green and yellow zucs, LOVED the basil and, of course LOVED the orange and red cherry tomatoes — my far and away garden favorite has been the black, bulbous eggplant.

Now I can add Black Mission figs to the short list! I hope hope hope this is the start of an ongoing, bounteous fig crop that serves and delights us for rapturous decades.

Mmmmm, figs!

As HEAVENLY as it looks. Best fig I’ve ever eaten.

And here is our current inventory of eggplant, to be marinated, skewered and grilled tonight for dinner.

And here is today’s haul… never mind the embarrassment of yellow zucs piling up in the refrigerator!

Happy (VERY skilled) farmers.

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