Wacky Son

August 10, 2021

The theme today? Wacky Son.

This is a Wacky Sun. I ordered it from a company in Alabama called Riverside Designs. (What would we do without Facebook ads?) It arrived today and it’s exactly what I was expecting/hoping for.

I actually think it’d look really cool on the wall in the living room.. but I bought it to adorn the backyard fence. Jim put it up today and it looks great!

I might hafta buy more .. they come in all kinds of designs and colors.

Here is the other wacky son… our sweet, adorable kiddo. We’ve been having lots of Facetime calls lately. I think he’s been welcoming the distraction as he stresses over something that’s coming up that he doesn’t want to talk about… (more on that later).

(I take a lot of screen shots when we’re talking … ) (Don’t ask me what Jim’s doing …)

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