Apple, Tree?

August 9, 2021

I actually think there are other photos of mom and me that, in my opinion, show any resemblance more convincingly. I NEVER looked like my mom in the early days, and I certainly never looked anything like she did when she was a young woman. But as I’ve aged, our looks seem to be getting closer together.

And that’s funny.. since she’s a tall, olive-complected, dark hair/eyes person, and I’m.. well.. nothing of the sort. While I never looked like my dad either, I still picked up more of his Scandinavian features (coloring, anyway). My mom had some strong Askenazi Jew and Eastern European influences in her features, and I have some of that, too.

Here are a few of the young mom..

(And yeah, that’s me, probably a few months old.)

Anyway.. I took these two photos (top one of me and Sally about ten years ago.. we’re both 55 in that shot) and the bottom one taken when my mom was about 62 and I was about 36.

And did this so I could compare them side by side:

Mostly, I think the resemblance is in the short, thick hair and the long ears. She had some cosmetic work done that re-established her eyelids (you know how they disappear as you age) and she made her eyebrows do that with an eyebrow pencil. Our noses are both honky, but mine’s a bit more hook-ish. I don’t know…. sometimes I look in the mirror and see her looking back. Freaks me out. (As in, “mom!”). But then I think it’s nice that she comes to say hi from time to time. I miss her. Sometimes, the resemblance is really just the expression. I think we look a bit alike, but not hugely.

What do you think?

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