Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, and Something … From our Garden!

June 13, 2021

Big day in the Frame/Peterson [and Espitia/Hickman] household!! First harvest of the season, and first harvest of the brand new garden (thus credit-sharing with Ruben who built the beds, and Mary who advised on and executed the first plantings).

Check out this first haul!

That is a very respectable pile of green and red Swiss chard, and a handful of plums. The plums are a bit hard — not sure they’ll ripen adequately — but at least they are not half-munched by birds and squirrels yet. Jury’s out on those.

But that chard! We are big chard eaters around here, so this crop will keep us happy this summer.

And here’s what Jim turned it into tonight:

Something old: last night’s french pastry pizza, Friday night’s asparagus, goat cheese and tarragon tart and Friday night’s salad

Something new: the chard we already had in the vegetable box that needed to get sauteed up

Something borrowed: leftover Crepeville potatoes (this is a stretch of a designation, just go with it)

Something from our garden: fresh, tender, newly picked chard to add to the other chard

This is summer dining extraordinaire… fans going, doors thrown wide open, sun setting in the west, and fresh, organic, locally grown vegetables and wine (Turkovich, of course).

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