Some Saturday Notables

June 12, 2021

First off, it’s graduation weekend in Davis, and wow, downtown was amazing this morning… gowns everywhere, families accompanying people in gowns everywhere, people taking pictures of those families everywhere … lines out the door at popular restaurants.. a very crowded Farmer’s Market.

This is exciting and a bit sad on numerous fronts. Exciting because it’s wonderful living in a college town and being immersed in college town energy. It’s great seeing kids get to this part… the culmination of a billion years of school, on their way, hopefully, to pretty decent lives. God knows we need educated people in this world.

A bit sad because, damn, we didn’t get to see Peter graduate from college last year. Life sure coulda been a lot worse during the pandemic and I’m grateful for so much, but man… that college graduation milestone came and went with nary a nod. He deserved to walk across a stage and have a chancellor hand him a diploma, deserved the pictures in gowns and all the kudos that come with. We’ll try again in about 4 years…


For Jim and me, it was your basic Saturday… Farmer’s Market + coffee and muffin on bench in Central Park, a trip to Lemuria (me) to pick out a bunch more vegetable and herb starts… and picked out a new front porch plant: a red dragon Japanese Maple!

Mary our new gardener (she’s so much more) planted said vegetable and herb starts. Here’s just a portion of what we planted — strawberries, shishito peppers, more eggplant, watermelon and some lemon cucumbers in this bed and in the other big bed we planted some tarragon, honeydew, and maybe one or two other things.

Also planted some rosemary and thyme along the north fence:

And then Janet came over for dinner and we made this… puff pastry meets pizza… it was a bit weird but edible!

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