Dining Out

June 16, 2021

There is so much to write about. Have you noticed I haven’t really written in a long time… I’ve just been posting quick pics with limited commentary for weeks now (mostly). No political ranting. No pandemic blues.

I should write about California opening up on June 15. Sorta, anyway. That is enormously newsworthy.. very milestony after fifteen months of pandemic life.

I personally feel on the cusp of a life inflection point… for reasons having to do with the above, and so many other things. Been thinking so much about that, too.

But, it’s late and I’m pooped.

So, instead of the big stuff… I’m going small ball again for today’s post.


We ate outside tonight, sitting at our new table, on our new patio, in our new backyard. Vicki and Mark were our guests, as Vicki and Mark sorta made this final piece happen, what with Mark being an outdoor furniture expert and Vicki playing matchmaker on the sales deal.

Mark brought the missing piece of the umbrella to our house this evening (forgotten by the delivery guys yesterday). And, drumroll, here’s the completed look..

It fills the space quite nicely, no? What you can’t see in this picture is the work I did this morning to clear away the last vestiges of remodel messy mess. Hard to appreciate, but this backyard is clean and tidy! Not quite done (wood screens, arbors, a sail shade, planters, another round of deck stain and a few more chairs and tables to be located here and there), but… what’s here is done and gorgeous!

And here we are, actually eating outside on a night when the temps (at 7:30pm) were still in the mid-90s. Ouch.

After about 30-45 minutes of sauna like air, we moved inside to finish dinner (the dessert part). But that was sufficient time to christen the table. First meal: grilled swordfish, grilled asparagus, brown basmati, a salad that Vicki made and ice cold chardonnay.