A cafe au lait and chocolate cake, homemade both.

I know, I know… another post about patio furniture. But… patio furniture! Do you realize, in all our years in this house, we’ve never sat outside to eat on patio furniture (a time or two we hauled our table outside to the porch, but that doesn’t count). In fact, in all my years in Davis, I’ve actually never lived in a house that had patio furniture (at least I can’t think of one). It’s sort of a homeowner’s staple, a place to have one’s morning coffee on a warm summer morning, or a place to eat a BBQ’d dinner with friends… and that’s just never been part of my experience. Weird, huh?


I feel like I’ve opened a whole new chapter of backyard living. A garden, a beautiful hammock, a second story observation deck, a shaded deck with two rocking chairs [soon] …. and now, today, a table on a patio, under an umbrella… with wifi, no less.