What Goes Up..

June 18, 2021

Our funny son.

So, this afternoon, I’m wandering through the Crocker Art Museum in Sacramento, deeply immersed in art, and I get a text. It’s from Peter and includes this picture, without explanation….

We exchange the briefest of texts…

So… best I can figure: Peter’s in his office on campus. Alone. Maybe he’s bored. His mind gets to wandering. Wonders if he could jump straight up and touch his head to the ceiling. Thinks, “Yeah, I could do that.” Sets up iPhone to video. Walks around to front of desk and jumps for all he’s worth. Bonks head on ceiling. Captures entire event on video. Isolates the head-touching instant in a single frame. Proud, sends photo to mom.

It’s interesting to me to see his office (shares with numerous other students). So unfancy. I love the chalkboard with graphs, charts and calculations on it. And a cat. Also noticing the string of Chinese characters and wonder what that says…

I’m happy he’s finally, after nearly a year, able to be in his office, able to meet and work with his group. I’m amused he’s finding such worthwhile things to do to pass the time.

It was ever thus.

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