June 7, 2021

This guy was welcomed back to work today with a lot of love and fanfare.


On top of an already challenging year for everyone (especially those whose jobs were all but eliminated) Michael was diagnosed with multiple myeloma (cancer of the plasma cells). He underwent aggressive, brutal therapies. He had a decent prognosis from the start, but that didn’t mean any part of it was easy or pleasant or without hiccups along the way. He’ll continue some of those therapies but has been given the green light to work again, and he jumped on it as soon as was humanly possible (and advisable/allowable by his doctors and Alaska Airlines). Michael’s attitude has been what it always is: relentlessly positive. He’s been stubbornly insistent about getting back to normal.

And there he is.. just months after the worst of the treatments, on the edges of a pandemic: Back to work and looking good!

I admire my brother-in-law and am especially grateful for his loving partner in life (my brother) and a close, supportive and loving community. They have a great life surrounded by caring friends and family. That makes all the difference.

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