California: Land of Earthcakes

June 6, 2021

Steve turned 65 this week, so we had him and Vicki over for dinner tonight to celebrate. I made a chocolate cake.. but something happened on the way to the cooling rack.

I posted this sorry little cake fail on Facebook and got some good comments….

Said Ron C: “Looks like a 7.1 on the Richter scale. I think we lost Coos Bay.”

Said Kent McM: “This is what is to be expected when baking with recipes from the San Andreas Cookbook.”

I also got a lot of theories on why it fell apart: too much baking powder; too little oil; forgotten eggs.. And I have to say, I’m in agreement that it was an egg issue. The egg I used was either too tiny, too old, or both. So… lesson learned: bake cakes using fresh ingredients.. esp those eggs. .

I served it anyway. I cut it into cubes (more or less) and served with a variety of ice creams and gelatos, plus strawberries, raspberries, and pears, for a build-your-own dessert extravaganza (perhaps extravaganza is a bit overstated).

It was a good save.

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