A Thursday in the Southland

March 25, 2021

This is what I love about a visit south: Multiple, leisurely walks on the beach and meals with family. This day had both in abundance.

Morning walk on the Esplanade…

This choked me up a bit… the mass shooting in Atlanta had happened the week before, killing eight, six of whom were Asian women, which sparked an overdue conversation about hate against the Asian community, hate stoked and amplified by our thankfully voted-out and now-largely-muzzled ex-president. Creep. But what’s been heartening is the outpouring of support and expanded coverage of incidences of hate and discrimination, which is a good start. It’s an effort that needs to grow and deepen. I like seeing even the smallest signs of compassion.. a flag at half-mast on a life guard station.

After a long walk (with some Starbs on a bench on the Esplanade in the middle… so incredibly lovely), I headed to Long Beach to meet Staci at her house and buy myself some Kacory merch. Kacory stands for KAte-COurtney-RYland, and is Staci’s new crafty enterprise.. homemade backpacks, pouches, bags and such. I bought a backpack and two pouches for myself and another pouch for Kath (who I will visit the next day).

Here’s Staci’s sewing studio (the gal equivalent of a man-cave!). Hers is a separate unit they built on the far side of their yard. So cool. The outside.. (she has a good view of the kids swimming):

And the inside…

I’d “designed” the backpack — picking fabrics and zipper pulls — but had a hard time selecting pouches! I am a pouch person (and a box person, and a bowl person… a container person, generally). Here’s what I settled on:

After transacting our business, we caravaned over to Legends to meet Judy for lunch. Bummed I didn’t get a pic of Judy and Staci… sorry. We had a wonderful lunch, though! After they took off, I hung out with John, who’s now the general manager at Legends. Wuv him so.

Then I returned to Redondo Beach, via Rolling Hills and PV, and took another walk on the Esplanade!

But of course. I really cannot get enough of the air, smell, vistas.

Then… time for another meal… this time with Matt and Chris… this time at Bertollini’s in the Village. Super pleasant, here are some pics of the bros:

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