March 24, 2021

Thirteen months and two shots of Phizer vaccine later, it was time for a haircut. Whoop Whoop!

Fresh out of Claes’s new salon on PCH:

I know.. it sorta looks like the before shot.. but it’s not.. it’s much shorter in the back (I can’t get it into much of a pony tail, for example) and while it’s not evident, the grey is now integrated with some high and low lights. He asked if I wanted 1) a bob, or 2) something more interesting. I went for the latter, but don’t know how to style it myself (the above is very sticky as he placed hairs just so and then sprayed them.. something I have zero patience for).. so will probably let the crazy layers in back grow out and cut the bangs… and then a few months down the road will prolly cut it all off.. but this is where we are now. Thanks, Claes!


After that excitement, I met John, Alexis (plus three) and Chris for lunch. Then… it was off to the park for a couple hours of hijinks. Three kiddos under 5 gets a medal every day. Hats off to J&A. Here are some pictures I took.. (a few I had to really mess with to cover up mistakes):

John, Chris and Juniper..

A couple of River..

Juniper (with just the slightest roll of snot)…



… and with Mags and Juni…

I ended up taking a walk on the Esplanade again (can’t have too many of those), but am saving those photos for tomorrow’s post.

Instead, here are a few from the sunset walk I took with Chris up at Lunada Bay. May I just say, for the millionth time: the Palos Verdes Peninsula is a sweet corner of our little planet.

You can almost imagine you’ve got a VW Bug and a VW Van here… and it’s 1965.

And a few from the edge of the cliff…

Do you like people (prolly surfers) or ferns?

And then, here’s a first: Chris cooked dinner for me/us. It was fantastic.

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