It Was a Dark and Stormy Day

March 10, 2021

It was so entirely, yummily dark and wet and stormy all day today (and not too windy, so I really, really enjoyed it without fear of falling redwoods!). I spent the day in that leather chair over there. I’m over here at the moment (window seat… because the sun suddenly popped out and shone right in my eyes), but, oh, did I enjoy sinking way down into that corner, reading stacked up articles most of the day.

Most of the time it was plain old water falling from the sky, but there was at least one instance of hail… (look closely for ice pellets)

Tsui, ever artful, posted on FB a far better photo of hail this afternoon….

My weather app says Peter had 69-degree weather in wintry Ann Arbor today… go figure.

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