Time *Marches* On

March 9, 2021

My go-to when there’s not much to write about, and/or it’s a rainy day so there are no new photos to draw from…. is to go to the archives! I love to go through the archives. Here are shots of Peter, my favorite subject, from Marches of yesteryear.

March 2002: He loved being thrown in the air…

And another from March 2002, just because I love this Little Mouse costume…

This is from March 2003. We used to take him to the playground at Cesar Chavez so he could feel comfortable there before starting kindergarten…

This is the first day of T-Ball practice, March 2004. I’m not sure I’d have identified him as a future high school varsity pitcher…

Ooops.. another from March 2004… I loved hanging out in the hammock with Peter…

March 2005… A rare skiing shot.. rare because we didn’t ski much as a family, but he enjoyed it:

Jumping ahead to March 2008, here’s Peter feeding a bird.. I think in Arizona…

We visited downtown LA on a trip south in March 2009.. (you can’t tell, of course, that this is LA, but take my word for it). ..

And here are P & me on a Marin hike in March 2010…

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