Covid Hair

February 19, 2021

I’ve been eager to write this post for awhile. I’ve been looking forward to the one year hair compare and contrast...

I got my hair cut exactly one year ago… in the afternoon of February 19th (3:15, to be exact). Jim and I had been in La Jolla with Peter for our mid-quarter visit, and then Jim flew home and I’d headed up to the South Bay for a few days. I stayed in a lovely Airbnb on Ave A — a place I’ve stayed in before and can’t wait to rent again, soon as we can travel. And just a few avenues away (Ave F), got my hair cut with Claes.. such a wonderful guy and mom’s longtime hair cutter (until he wasn’t.. she was fickle that way). She found a new guy who’d come to her house, but I stayed with Claes… until my monthly-ish visits to PV sorta dried up in 2017. (Thinking of you, mom.)

Anyway.. it was a short cut (and no weaving that day). This is either that evening or the next .. out to dinner with Matt, Chris, Betsy and Bev…

Here’s one a couple weeks later, in the wild, where you can see how short (don’t know about that poofiness in the back.. usuallly doesn’t do that)..

I know this is goofy.. but it’s the hair I’m after, as close to the haircut date … (this was March 5, just before lockdown went into effect).

And here’s what it looks like now.. these have been taken in the last couple days, a day apart (sometimes the bangs hang, sometimes they cooperate). I’ve cut my bangs maybe three times during this year, but didn’t dare try the rest of it. No color/weaving.. so this is now my hair color.

It really is a lot more grey than the pictures suggest.. but not too bad, huh? Could definitely use some sun shine to lighten it up (it’s not as light as that picture above).

That is a lot of growth in a year! Totally not sure what I’m going to do with it.. go back to short, keep it a bob, let the grey keep coming, go back to weaving.. I’ll decide as soon as I’ve received my second vaccine and it’s had time to settle into my immune system… probably one more month.

One Response to “Covid Hair”

  1. blk4609 Says:

    I was totally impressed with how good your hair looked this morning at the Market!

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