Gosh.. A Year Ago

February 17, 2021

Low key day on the home front, super pleasant.

I did attend a town hall–his first, he said, since becoming a Senator–with Alex Padilla and was mighty impressed. I have to say: very hopeful about his leadership.

Beyond that, no pics from today, so decided to go back into the 2020 archive to find a photo from this day a year ago.

Jim and I had been visiting Peter in La Jolla, in what turned out to be our last visit after four wonderful years of trips to La Jolla. That was a bit of a gulp. As was tradition, Jim flew home on Sunday night.. I stayed over that night, had breakfast with Peter the following morning, then drove north to spend a few days in Palos Verdes, Redondo, Long Beach, etc. This, then, was also the last time I was in the homeland. Wow. Been a long, weird year.

Anyway.. wanted to chose a few photos that were NOT used in last year’s blog and came up with these… one from the Esplanade at sunset.. man.. I can feel the air and smell that ocean.

Look at all those seagulls…

And I must have gone out to eat dinner with Betsy.. and wow, does that vodka martini, extra extra dry, up, w/ three olives look good. Cheers, mom!

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