For the Love of Love and Democracy

February 14, 2021

If my math is right, this is the 26th Valentine’s Day Jim and I have spent together. As I said to Peter earlier tonight in a conversation about relationships: relationships get deeper and deeper as you learn more about your honey pie.. and especially the things in life that really light them up.

To wit… Sees candy and licorice for me, a book on music and mayhem in the 60s for Jim. See how easy that is?


Also in the Valentines category: our IndivisibleYolo action item this week was to send a valentine to our member of congress — we call that our MoC. We were theming our valentine messages on the various legislative priorities identified in Indivisible’s “A Practical Guide for Fixing our Democracy,” an activist action plan for Biden’s first 100 days in office…. H.R. 1; H.R. 4; H.R. 51 (campaign finance reform, voting rights, DC Statehood) … things like that there.

Here’s mine:

(Thank you left-over Christmas wrapping paper and glue sticks.)

Here’re a whole bunch of them on the window of John Garamendi’s downtown field office:

And here’s who put them there:

I can’t tell you what it was like to see these people in person! Since March of last year, it’s been all online Zoom meetings…

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