Dispiriting Impeachment #2

February 9, 2021

[Note: There will be so much written, so many books, so many documentaries about these times, about this impeachment #2, about the hell we are living through in real time. I don’t have to write a full account here, that’s silly. But I watched day one of what will be a short Senate trial where Senators/jurors will consider the ex-president’s guilt in abusing his presidential power, inciting a riot on our Capitol, etc, etc. The result’s preordained. They won’t get enough republican Senators to vote to convict so this is an exercise in futility, as they say, but a process the House had to go through because: history, constitution, truth, justice. I watched every minute of today’s proceedings. My blood’s in a full, roiling boil; I’m sick to my stomach, heartbroken; I’m disillusioned and disgusted. Below are just some random comments, most out of context; I’m just noting some thoughts.]

We know Trump incited his supporters to charge the Capitol. We know he’s been laying the groundwork for years, but especially since last spring when he introduced the idea that the only way he could lose was if the election were rigged. And double especially since November when he did, in fact, lose the election, yet claimed he’d won in landslide (still does) and accused dems of stealing the election from him. Zero question in the world he is entirely responsible for the insurrection. And if you’re not sure about that, or think he’s entitled to free speech and can say whatever he wants, how would you have reacted if it were Obama who’d said those things and inspired thousands to come to Washington on the day the electoral vote was to be certified, specifically to protest the outcome of the election, and what if it were Obama who’d riled them up, made them even madder about the result, told them the election had been stolen from them, told them to fight, and to let congress know how they felt, and to reclaim what was “rightly theirs?” That’s okay speech? His right to say whatever in defense of himself, against all facts, court cases.. against the will of 8 million more voters? His right to incite a riot?

The questions I would ask the so-called jurors (the republicans of which, I understand, didn’t watch the video, doodled and/or looked down, and otherwise tried not to pay attention — I’m looking at you Rand Paul and Marco Rubio… Paul who refused to wear a mask in the chamber) (these guys have no business in public office, serving the people of this country) … anyway, the questions I’d ask:

  1. A police officer was killed; two police officers took their lives; hundreds of police officers were injured (today we heard about lost fingers and gouged out eyes). A protester was shot. Others died. This is not enough to convict? We know he incited the riot. As somebody asked: does anybody think this would have happened had he NOT incited them to charge the Capitol on this particular day?
  2. What if it had been Obama who delivered that January 6 speech?
  3. What if the majority of protesters had been black?
  4. What if it were a secret vote? Would you vote to convict? Are you really just voting to spare Trump because you are worried about his retribution, his base, your next election?
  5. Do you really think Trump was a great president, an inspiring leader? Worthy of the office? Worthy of running again?

The “jury” is rigged in favor of the vindictive, threatening ex-president. Their bad lawyering — and wow, it was pathetic (I was texting back and forth with Sally during much of it.. we were stunned by the rambling ineptitudes of these 3rd string, ill-prepared lawyers) — matters not a wit. Even if trump’s mad as hell that his defense team sucks.. doesn’t matter. Outcome’s baked.

For the life of me, can’t figure out what these guys are doing in public service. They are corrupt and cowardly to the core. What a charade.

Those spineless republicans could have ditched him as soon as he lost, an albatross removed, a chance to get back to regain some dignity and some semblance of conservative values and policies. I mean, wtf… why would they stick with him, allow him to continue to control their every public move? Do they not understand an acquitted trump is an empowered trump? This just pours gas on his fire.. he’ll be even more insufferable, more dangerous, stronger than ever, and with a greater stranglehold on them (until he’s convicted in some other court or chokes on a hamburger). Why would they want that? How thin and stupid to need his base.

I’ll be watching tomorrow.. the trial really starts then and will go on for just a few days. Then we’ll be past it, but those poor repubs.. they’ll never be past trump or his mealy, loudmouthed children. Their party will just continue to become increasingly irrelevant and sick, as true conservative peel off. They’ll lose the demographic game anyway. I don’t really care. Hoping the dems can keep our party unified and work for the greater good, realize the greater good is worth working together for. Racial justice, economic justice, healthcare, climate, environment.. here we come.

As nice pic from this morning’s pre-impeachment trial walk!

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