February 4, 2021

I rate this day a 10. A relaxed, unrushed start on the day; a leisurely, beautiful drive (and new route); a sparkly sunny day; gorgeous snow; comfy company w/ lots of laughs; great exercise; and stunning views in every direction that just make your heart sing.

Here’re some pics:

The commute promised great things ahead:

Had a Sno Park permit and decided to go to the one at the junction of the Morman Emigrant Trail and Hwy 88. MET is closed in the Winter (who knew?), which is why we chose the 16–>49–>88 route through Sutter Creek.

First thing that happened when we pulled into the Sno Park: we got stuck in the snow (more like 2″ of slush):

You can see the small slab of plywood they put behind the front wheel. Those and a little push got us right out. So grateful for the assistance. It was just the silliest thing.

Once out of that little pickle, we booted and shoed up and were on our way.

Look at this perfect snow, weather, sky (and hiking partner)!

Within 50 yards, we were looking right at the Crystal Range and Pyramid Peak, covered in snow.

Ambled around for a while then decided it was time for lunch:

Made a snowman!

(It’s only 11″ tall)

Here are some pretty shots of our post lunch walkabout:

At first we thought: Kokopeli.. then we saw hooves…and thought more like a pig…

Always missing this guy…

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