Powered Down

January 27, 2021

Last night’s fierce winds and rain messed with us big time. At about 12:20 this morning, the power went out and has yet to be restored (as I click “publish,” it’s 9:20pm, exactly 21 hours later.. and counting).

PG&E’s been working all over town, so we’re told, on fixing downed lines, blown transformers and whatnot. We hear that approximately 6000 homes in Central and North Davis, and some number of South Davis homes, lost power. Some have come back… but.. we here on A Street are still waiting. I can look up the street and see official vehicles with blinking lights parked outside the Senior Center; that seems a hopeful sign.

It wasn’t a horrible day…. I’ve longed for such downtime (minus the missing electricity — which, it’s shocking how much one relies on such a thing).

Here are some pics:

At the beginning, when it all seemed novel and fun, and we were ever-so-casual about our predicament:

At least we could see.

We read: Trust Exercises by Susan Choi for me and The Outpost by Jake Tapper for Jim:

We (well, I) puzzled:

I made great progress!

Jim cooked (well, heated up the lentil soup I made last week):

(Note headlamp…just like camping.)

We ate:

Kinda romantic.

And now we’re reading again… waiting for power. Sleeping bags tonight!

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