Friends on a Rainy Day: Zoom and Gloom

January 24, 2021

It was a two-Zoom day.

I’ll start with the second one first. About 19 of us hung out this afternoon in a sorta-happy-hour, reflecting on the work we did together this past four years — in particular 2020 — and then looked ahead to 2021 and spoke of hopes and dreams for the coming year. My kinda Zoom meeting. I’ve got plenty of questions (for myself) about how I want to be involved in political action and advocacy going forward, but expect to remain engaged in some manner. (Just so I can remember, this is who was on the call today: me, Kelly, Rachel, Emily, Megan, Steve, Tim, Lloyd, Linda, Chris, Janette, Amanda, Alex, Amy, Betsy, Rebekka, Peggy, Michelle, Debbie.) One thing that’s funny to me (and several commented on this), as long as I’ve been in Davis, and as many friends and acquaintances as I have, pretty much everyone in my political circle is new to me — most of them in this past year of working intensely together. Didn’t expect to make so may new friends in a pandemic year. And today’s group was but a fraction of the folks I met and toiled with, learning new stuff and fighting like our democracy depended on it. Whew, wow and grateful for smart, passionate, committed peeps.

The Zoom call this morning was this ancient group of friends from multiple time zones: five Hesse girls (of five!) + two of their partners; three Osborne girls (of three!) + a drop-in by Bev; and moi. The full complement (minus brothers or male spouses)! It was Vicki’s and my birthday celebration. We donned silly hats, played a game (“How Well Do You Know Kari and Vicki”), laughed a ton, shared memories and some catch-up stuff, read poems, sang songs (spontaneously), and just had a great gathering for nearly two hours.

Here are a couple of photos that appeared at times during the party:

Lisa made these…. Vicki and me as babes:

And Leah made this one of me with my pal Bernie (it was taken Summer 2019 when we all spent a week in a house on the Betsy River in Northern Michigan.. the whole group from today minus Lundee). I am struggling (feigning), but Bern’s providing encouragement!

I whiled away the time between zoom calls singing (loudly) while jigsaw puzzling as the rain came down.

Happy Sunday.

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