Twenty First

January 21, 2021

As I write this (well, in exactly 5 minutes), this is true:

How ’bout that!

In other news:

I am still flying high! Everyone I talk to — even my casual conversation with Sinesia at Mishka’s when ordering my au lait this morning — turns to the grand and cleansing exhale we all experienced at noon yesterday, the 9th cloud we are all walking on, [it is now 9:21, by the way!], the stuck-on smile on our face, the lightness in our step.

Like I said last night, the thrill today is about two things in equal measure: one is having won the trifecta — WH, House and Senate — and what that means for issues and values we care so much about. The other is the relief in being rid of the now former, and increasingly irrelevant, so-called president.

Speaking of winning the Senate, I forgot that I’d taken this great picture. It should be included in the wonderful images of yesterday’s event… the swearing in three new Senators, by former California-Senator-Now-Vice-President Kamala Harris: Rafael Warnock, Alex Padilla (who replaces Harris herself) and Jon Ossoff.

How ’bout that!

I was also blown away by what planners and artists did to the National Mall. Insofar as the general public could not attend the inauguration (covid precautions and terrorist concerns) (what a time we are living in), they created a Field of Flags and it was just gorgeous:

And finally, this funny meme thing happened yesterday. It made me laugh last night as I looked at dozens of implementations, and laugh again this morning as I looked at dozens more. The photo is of Bernie Sanders sitting alone, evidently cold, at the Inauguration, sporting a new pair handmade mittens. It didn’t take long before it turned into a viral meme. Here are some of my favorites:

One more meme-y thing that I thought was wonderful:

See? Sun is shining. People are laughing. Lightness and smiles are everywhere. Sure is better than the alternative!

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