Georgia, Georgia

January 5, 2021

It’s election day, finally, for these guys:

This is an Instagram post by my fave graphic artist.. Gil..who worked up this image of Rafael Warnock and Jon Ossoff.

I’m sitting here with an earbud in, listening to commentary on CNN, awaiting results. Not feeling terribly optimistic. As I said already, I’m not inclined to believe the “close” polls, especially after what happened in November.

Not to say I didn’t do my part. I care. I think a democratic controlled Senate would be a marvelous thing and would certainly help the good guys make a lot more progress on things I care about. It’d be so sweet to get rid of McConnell as Senate Majority Leader. So.. yeah, worth going all out–I mean nothing happens if you don’t work at it–just not holding my breath.


Was on the planning team for the Dancing Democrats of Davis, who put on a Zoom-based dance party and fundraiser on December 6th (raised over $30,000!). That was fun. And, in addition to dancing like a crazy person, mostly alone, in our living room, Jim and I gave $500.00 to Stacey Abrams’ Fair Fight as part of that fundraising dance party. So: a good chunk of change!

Plus POSTCARDS… 65 of them in the last couple months.

And PHONE CALLS… 177 of them. I won’t show pictures of all my calling records and notes, but here’s a celebratory excerpt from this morning’s calls, 61 of them. Celebratory because it’s absolutely the last phone banking session, I hope, for a long time! Calls are so tedious, not something I particularly enjoy. But got ’em done.

I usually note these calls as one per line, but I was running out of space in my databook! This is the last page in my second data book of the season, a book of call records and meeting notes for all my Sister District work in the last year. Funny, to me, that today’s final calls end up on the last page. How ’bout that for synchronicity! That means nothing to anybody but me, I realize, but it’s nice closure on the season and represents a lot of work! Just tootin’ my horn.

So.. at this point, no results yet. Feeling a bit nervous.

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