Pie Fail?

November 25, 2020

Um… I mean.. who fails at pumpkin pie?

The pie that takes a lot of work is the double pecan pie — mostly because of the crust and careful timing of doneness. But it looks pretty perfect.

The pumpkin pie is usually the slam dunk. This time, however, I forgot to get evaporated milk so improvised with 1/2 and 1/2 (the interwebs said I could). I was also suspicious of the eggs. I needed two: one was the last egg from a pretty old carton, and the other was from a newer–though still quite old–carton. Clearly we need to eat our eggs faster around here.

The resulting mixture looked odd, and, for whatever reason, the custard came out bumpy and weird and took well over the bake time to set up. So we shall see…

I have confidence in the pecan pie. And regardless of how that pumpkin pie comes out, the place smells like a bake shop.

Happy Thanksgiving Eve.

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