Chris the Birthday Boy

November 21, 2020

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t worried about Chris, or that this birthday was just another notch in our ever growing birthday belt.

Recall, that on July 7th, just a little over four months ago, I wrote about Chris’s heart attack. He followed that up with a stroke about a week later (probably a clot released during the heart procedure).

He seems to be doing well.. returning to normal activities, even. He told me this morning he’d been surfing yesterday. I don’t know if that’s a regular thing these days or not. I asked if he was surfing with others in more public locations. No to both, he said. Alone, and in his usual isolated surf spots. Ugh.

He’s 61 today. How ’bout some birthday pics through the ages…. mostly recent ages.

This is from 1961:

Then we jump ahead 49 years to Chris’s 51st birthday… this was a birthday dinner celebration at the Blue Water Grill in Redondo Beach, 2010:

Then, the next year, 2011, Jim and I hosted our first Thanksgiving in Davis for the Peterson family. Matt rented an RV and brought mom up in style! TG day was the three of us, plus Mom, Matt, Chris, Uncle Vic and Aunt Joy. It was nice to be able to throw Chris a 52nd birthday party (the day before) too:

This one’s from a Davis Thanksgiving, 2014, double nickels:

This is 2016, at mom’s house, 57 years old:

This is in Carmel, 2017, Chris turns 58:

This is last year at Thanksgiving, 2019, the big 60!:

And this year, no celebration… it’s a pandemic year: no travel, no traditional holiday celebration.

Next year for sure! Happy Birthday, Chris!

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