New Rules

November 10, 2020

Oh my head. My heart. My soul. I’m doing my best to transition out of four years of trumpism and the endless presidential election and the last 8 months of intense political activism. Trying to ease my way back to a place of sanity and balance. I don’t know yet where that settling point will be. I have a lot to say about that, and will, but I’m on a new time schedule so am going to to keep this post short.

I am working on a new post-election, post-trump life organizing plan. It will have many exciting, healthy components (as all life organizing plans do!). One strategy I thought of today is intended to address the lack of sleep problem… cuz god knows I need a lot more sleep. The central feature of this plan is to schedule our “entertainment” (media? tv? what do we call it these days?) for 9pm, following which: go to bed, do not pass go, do not collect $200. And, key, no media until 1/blog is done and 2/procedures complete (in Frame/Peterson parlance, procedures are those things one does before turning in for the night.. I don’t know when we started calling them procedures, but there it is). If all goes according to plan, this new rule should result in my getting to sleep before 2 or 3am.. which, omg, has been a killer.

We’d been off the TV thing for months.. so it’s nice to get back into that routine! Tonight, it’s our second installment of the Queen’s Gambit. We just finished two nights of an Eagles documentary (fantastic)… so we are on a media roll!


My head’s been mush for the last week. I’d OD’d on election returns and did precious little else most days… a little cooking, walks, some cafe time.. but that’s about it. That did give me some time for this jigsaw puzzle. I’d started it while phonebanking some weeks ago, but had had a hard time getting much done, as the phone kept getting answered (imagine that).

This is a hard one. Either that, or my head’s mushier than I thought… I am probably 20 hours in.. and the really hard stuff remains.

Will keep you posted.

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