It Happened!

November 7, 2020

I slept later than usual this morning. I woke up around 8:00 and was reading some stories on my phone, as you do, and in the middle of a NYT mini crossword puzzle when a notification crossed my screen: Joe Biden was the projected winner of the presidential race. At that moment, Jim walked in and asked if I’d heard. It seemed like old news at that moment, simply because we knew it was coming. In fact, I joked that “yeah, I heard the news, but, hey, I got a great time on the mini crossword.”

As the news really sunk in, though, it felt bigger and bigger. And pretty much the whole day’s been like floating on a cloud. And sixteen hours later, I’m still luxuriating in that rarified air of elation, relief, disbelief and that crazy feeling of living history.

First.. here’s a crowd shot from the day Kamala announced her candidacy for president back in January 2019.

I remember being ecstatic to be there. The energy was amazing. In the months that followed, I shifted my support to Elizabeth Warren, but that doesn’t take anything away from my total thrill that she is going to be our vice president now. She is a great selection, exactly right for this moment.

Here’s a screenshot of her from tonight’s event where she and Joe addressed the nation for the first time as Pres and VP-elect. Her comments and her presence were powerful. It was an absolutely thrilling moment to witness.

There was somewhat of a celebration dance party in Central Park this evening just before the Wilmington, Delaware event. It was spontaneous enough that the turnout was sparse, but I still danced my heart out for about 30 minutes which felt surprisingly liberating and duly celebratory! I ran into a few folks .. including Audrey…

One other shot from today that I like… Peter called to check in with us on the news. It is always so fun to hear his perspective and share an historical moment with him. I love him so much for caring and for observing such moments.

(I asked him to raise a fist.. and he was kind enough to oblige.. he’s such a good sport.)

Feeling hopeful. Please let this be a reset and the start of a much better path for this country. Seriously, our future depends on it.

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