Good News. Bad News.

November 5, 2020

On the one hand, feeling fantastic that Joe Biden is poised to win the presidency. On the other, wish it had been a more decisive victory, and not such a close race.

Bummed that we did not overwhelmingly flip the senate as we had worked so hard to do for so many months. But encouraged that both senate races in Georgia look like they’ll go to a run off, and, if we win both of those, we would have a majority in the senate. That will give us something significant to focus on in the next couple of months. (Like we need more political action.. sigh…. no rest when so much is at stake.)

Ecstatic that we will return stability and sanity, decency and civility to the White House. And… scared out of my wits at the shocking things trump said today. At a press conference this afternoon he doubled down on his last remaining hail mary: the election is being stolen from him; he is the victim of massive voter fraud; this is not a fair election. It is clear he will not go down with dignity. He’s riling his base and inciting them to violence; he’s rapidly filing lawsuits in the states he’s losing. It’s clear to me he is deteriorating mentally, descending deep into his pathologies. He scares me. I feel like we are watching a madman. GOP is weak in responding. Some, like Lindsey Graham are supporting him. It’s sickening. But worse, it’s disturbing; I see no good end. The world is watching. Russia and China are high fiving themselves. The US is collapsing under trump.

My guess: Tomorrow Biden reaches the 270 mark, addresses the nation, moves forward on plans to take office. He meets with advisors, gets moving on the transition and keeps comments about trump to a minimum. Meanwhile trump noisily whines and complains and fires off ridiculous nuisance lawsuits, creating as much chaos as he can and undermining Biden’s victory. He won’t concede. He won’t graciously work with the Biden team on the transition. He won’t attend the inauguration. He won’t be there to welcome the Bidens to the White House. In the two and a half months until inauguration, he will burn down the house; if he’s going down, so is the country. Even after Biden takes office, he will continue to whip his base into a frenzy and be a thorn in everyone’s sides. Starved for attention and his ego bruised, he’ll continue to tweet in all caps and call into his friends at fox and rant like a crazy old man. He’ll start right away raising money for his reelection, claiming this election was rigged against him. Shockingly, his base will never leave him, therefore spineless GOP lawmakers will continue to prostitute themselves for him. He’ll never support a successor republican candidate, as only he is suited for the job. Poor stupid Pence. He will pull all kinds of crazy shit to keep his name in the news, even as he’s out of office. We have a monster on our hands. He. Will. Never. Shut. The. F. Up.

Okay. So that’s the good and bad.


Here’s a nice pic from one of two lovely walks today:

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