Nervous Nellies Unite

November 2, 2020

I’ve really laughed as commentators and pundits have described democrats as suffering from PTSD. It’s a nervous and knowing laugh — dread wrapped in a smile — but it cracks me up. We are so scared and scarred by our experience of the last election and are not counting on anything. Even if Nate Silver says it’s 89% for Biden and 10% for Trump. Because: polls. We are traumatized by what happened four years ago. Speaking for myself, it’s anxiety on top of pessimism on top of fear on top of distrust. I feel like I want a big protective barrier around me. I feel uncertain, shaky, tender.

Like everyone.

Nervous snacking tonight. And for the record, I have heartburn. Something I’ve never had until just a few months ago. I’m inclined to think it’s related to general, ongoing stress. I blame the president*.

I just watched the Dixville Notch, NH result come in Silliness… but 5-zip, Biden. First results in the country (12:05am EST). Hope it’s a trend.

I’ve let myself get knotted up by all of this,.. emotions are a little too close to the surface. I saw this endearing postcard artwork on Audrey’s Facebook and it made me cry (artwork courtesy of her 6 year old daughter). So she addressed and stamped it, and sent it to me. I am so moved by it.

Hang in everyone.

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