Bakin’ Fools

April 19, 2020

Jim took the first baking shift this morning…

Cinnamon rolls for breakfast:



He used the bread maker to mix, knead and raise the dough, then put the dough in a muffin pan and baked the rolls in the oven. Worked pretty well.

We each ate four. FOUR. As great as they were, this may explain my day-long stomach ache. They were great going down and that sugar glaze was insane.

I took the second shift…

Tried that no-knead dutch oven bread everybody’s been talking about and it worked pretty well!


Heavy as all get out. Jim’s theory is that were a person to knead-rise-punch-down-repeat, the bread might come out lighter and airier. Also, maybe half whole wheat and half white flour? I’m eager experiment and try adding ingredients, like olives or cheese… we’ll see.

Nice to have fresh hot bread, in any case.



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