Dazzling Ditch

April 18, 2020

I have to conclude that spring is a good time to walk the North Davis ditch. Second weekend in a row I’ve met Janet up there… and I’m liking it a lot.

I did nothing to this picture; it’s that green.


About to cross over the top of the ditch on that bridge out of North Davis Farms…


This is the Whitcomb pond (right?) north of the  bridge.. nice to have your own private pond…


Looking north..


So… it’d been 11 days since our last shopping trip.. and this time it was my turn. Damn.. it’s tedious shopping for so many days. It took at least an hour in the store, then getting all of it from the car into the house, then another near-hour to get everything scanned (that’s Jim’s deal) and put away (my deal). Good lord.

We’re definitely getting ourselves a lot more organized on this meal planning, shopping and cooking thing. I’d picked a bunch of recipes to try (thanks New York Times cooking section, which I pay for) and shopped accordingly. It’s rather time consuming, but seems a good front end thing to do to make a couple of weeks of cooking a lot easier.

I tried a new pasta tonight…

Caramelized six thinly sliced shallots and 4 thinly sliced garlic cloves in olive oil:


Added anchovies and tomato paste (and more kosher salt and pepper).. another recipe where anchovies are added and which melt into the dish, leaving just an intense flavor that you can’t quite put your finger on, but is significant (we’re not sure we like it):


Then added al dente pasta, a cup of hot pasta water which will completely cook off, leaving a thick, rich paste that coats the pasta. Then you toss fresh parsley and some finely chopped garlic upon this earthy pasta and voila, dinner!


Jim’s comment: edible.

He may give up on my cooking pretty soon, but for now I’m still having a good time. I have to admit this one was more enjoyable to make than to consume. Still…

Then I started a new batch of bread! Feeling a lot like a Suzie Homemaker. Will report on that adventure tomorrow.




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