Day #29

April 11, 2020

Day #29, the usual stuff: workout on my stationary bike; a two-hour zoom phone banking session for a congressional candidate in Modesto; laundry (it’s Saturday, after all); a nice conversation with Matty; a whole lotta nothing; a 7-ish mile walk in North Davis.

I texted Janet to see if she might want to meet and talk over her fence for a few minutes as I passed her neighborhood. She did, but that turned into a long walk with her around the pond, then up by the ditch, then a long meander back through the North Davis greenbelt. Lots of folks out, not that many with masks.

This is what walking with a friend looks like:


She said she was smiling.

The ditch..



The park over by Senda Nueva and the Domino sculpture…


Greenbelt art…


No cars on Covell! Taken from the Covell bike over-crossing…



Late breaking: Davis Police just released an alert about a stolen Covid-19 specimen from Sutter Davis hospital. The suspect, whom they got a great security camera photo of, wore a UCD sweatshirt and made his escape on a bike (of course he did). They later recovered the specimen, still in its protective wrapping, in a shopping cart over at the Marketplace shopping center. Suspect still on the loose.