Yet More Creek

April 23, 2020

I know…

It’s about time for something else, but 1) my days are pretty much walk, flowers, eat, repeat and 2) the news I do consume (which is a lot) is so damn depressing, all I’d do is complain and the future me does not want to read it.

Yes, I want to get some of it down because it’s an historic time — both in each of our lives and in the biggest possible worldly way — and it deserves to be observed, experienced, processed…  I will. I do. It’s exhausting.

So… today, more scenes from the creek.. with a bonus at the end.

I’m a huge fan of this grass that is so dense and lush, but today the yellow flowers really made it pop..


Snoozing ducks, who are so unfazed by us walkers..


And here come the flowers…



IMG_5816 2


One of the last remaining poppies.. in a sea of yellow..




These were just stunning…



Oh my god, these are so pretty.. and with that bridge in the background.. gosh..


IMG_5826 2


My camera (phone) chooses its own focal point… I just go with whatever it decides.. I like this..




And here’s the bonus.. thanks, Vicki!!

Me working hard to get a shot.


(And now I know my hair’s grey! I honestly did not know that… )