Had to consult my wee Pandemic Journal to see what day we are on … I am truly losing count.

I did not set one foot outside the door today. Not a one.  That might be a first. You know.. I track a lot of things, but I’d really have to dig through my records to figure out whether this was the first non-outside day. But I think it was.


I think it’s quite possible that as we are confined, as we are left with so few outdoor activities, as we have slowed down so profoundly and are left with so much time to reflect… so are we especially appreciative of the beauty around us. And thus all these flower pictures!

My unoriginal theory.

Took a slow stroll through the Old North neighborhood yesterday and saw a few things I really liked…


That is an iPhone 6 shot. Of course.


I am in love with these:



And wow… is it a .. daisy?



Mr. Green wooden fence again.. such a lovely complement to the pink house.






What’d I do with all my indoor time today? Spent most of it figuring out how to set up and manage a campaign Facebook site. (Did I mention I’m working on Kelly’s campaign for a seat on the Los Rios Community College District Board of Trustees, area 4?) This included finally overcoming some Google Drive and Google Doc obstacles (not entirely) and opening an account on Hootsuite to organize social media postings over a variety of social media platforms.

Am I fancy or what?

I am weird.. I know that. I am scared shitless of anything tech, and then all king-of-the-mountain when I master just a tiny bit of it. It’s like I’m wailing inside don’t make me do this ...  and then, when I actually sit down and do it, it’s like, what’s the big?  It’s all about browbeating myself to the table, forcing myself to face that plate of peas… then realizing it’s not that bad once I take the first step (though I still hate peas so maybe this isn’t the best analogy).

Well, all these mixed metaphors aside, I love anything tech that I’ve actually overcome and mastered. I will never, ever, EVER forget the time I fixed a toaster. It’s still Top. Of. The. List of major tech accomplishments in my whole LIFE.

Wish I’d figure out why my first reaction to something foreign is to fear it. Inevitably it’s never as bad as I expect. Never.


One other thing I’m reflecting on. We’re now watching The Crown. It’s very good so far. Tonight we watched episode 3 of season 1: a thick, smoky fog has descended upon London in late December 1952. The city is brought to a standstill, people are staying indoors, wearing masks when out, coughing their guts out, and dying by the thousands in hospitals overwhelmed with sick people and a lack of medical supplies & equipment. Churchill is in denial saying things like these things come and go, one day it will just vanish. The opposition wants him out because he is bungling the handling of a major public health crisis. Well.. that’s a convenient excuse; they actually think he’s too old and and unfit leader. He’s not the one to lead a modern, postwar England.

Isn’t that funny? It was a startling parallel.

In their case, it was a three-day crisis (12,000 people died). The sun did come out; Churchill, so far, comes through unscathed. We’ll see what happens next.