Good Timing or Bad Timing?

April 4, 2020

‘Tis a very rainy day here in quarantine land. I watched my weather app and picked a time to head out on a walk when I was sure to avoid getting rained on.

I was at the farthest away point — rounding the corner in front of the Davis Art Center — when I thought, huh.. is that a.. raindrop?


It was.

By the time I finished, I was pretty drenched. At one point I thought, well… maybe this can be one of those nice walks in the rain. I was walking south for about a mile and a quarter in a very stiff south wind, and was getting quite pelted.. so it didn’t really feel like one of those soft rains it can be nice to walk in. Anyway… this:


And really, the rain wasn’t that horrible, but this is:


The playgrounds are now closed all over town. Sorry kids. The grownups weren’t able to maintain the 6′ rule so the authorities had to shut the whole thing down. No more family time at the parks. That made me sad.



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