April 3, 2020

Holy cow I’m pooped. Know why? I cleaned our house today. Like, the works, top to bottom. Let me just say, it’s been decades since I’ve done basic housecleaning. My total respect to those who do it regularly.

With all that’s going on in this pandemic-wracked world this does not rank — on any scale — but I’m still pooped.

So, with a small glass of port, here’s how I finished the evening.. bobbing blob-like in a hot bath.


That glowing blue light? That’s the blue tooth in the shower nozzle. Listened to The Daily, New York Time’s nightly podcast. Slick, huh?

There was one other thing that happened today that was a whole lot more fun: I got to have a Facetime conversation with this guy.. which, honestly, just made my week.


Here’s the news: His final college quarter began on Monday. All classes online, of course. He’s bored, but glad to have something to focus on. He’s finally taking the last of his humanities classes — two of them — both required in order to graduate. He’s also taking the final course in a graduate level mechanical engineering series, which he’s looking forward to; a physics course in waves; and one other class that I can’t remember. He’s applied to be an online test proctor… something they need a lot of right now because all the online classes at UCSD are creating a huge test taking challenge. Not sure how that’s going to work, but interesting times for the university.

Mostly, it was just a wonderful 45 minutes. Heaven for me. Miss him so much.




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