March 25, 2020

Here are a couple of examples of what people do when in the middle of a virus pandemic and nothing is as it was.

Nephew John who manages Legends, a huge and hugely popular sports bar in the heart of the very bustling 2nd Street district in Long Beach, got hit from multiple different angles. First, one by one, major sports teams suspended their seasons, their tournaments, their spring training..  that’s just terrible news for a sports bar that is covered wall-to-wall in screens big and bigger. In addition to that, the annual Grand Prix — a road race that takes place on the streets and boulevards of downtown Long Beach  — that is a huge event for all the local bars and restaurants, has been canceled this year.  Adding insult to injury, Governor Newsom called for the closure, first, of all bars, then of all restaurants. Ouch, ouch, ouch and ouch.

Besides having to lay off (or at least send home) dozens (hundreds) of staff members, they have a huge inventory of food and drink. So.. instead of letting all that stuff go to waste, they decided to see if people would want to buy it..


… and they did! They are taking a huge hit on nearly every front, but at least can recoup some of their losses through these small sales.

Kellie, the massage therapist I have gone to for .. gosh .. about five years now, decided to turn her creativity and incredible talent to the task of making cute mask covers.. because those medical masks that people are wearing all over town are so… medical looking.  Get a look at this!

mask cover

Me… not as industrious… I’ve been doing a lot of walking. Here are a few shots from this morning’s absolutely beautiful outing:

Some crazy daisies…one bush, two different colors.. just delightful..


The Bridges, at the corner of A St and B St (one of my favorite addresses in Davis), are hosting a bit of sidewalk chalk art…


Community Park in fine, if sparsely attended, form…


I’m just loving our front yard..


And these… which I’ve never identified, never planted, but which come back every year… and I love..






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  1. […] Remember a week or so ago when I shared the creativity and humanity of a friend who, unable to do her job outside the home (massage therapist), turned her attention to knitting and started making mask covers? (https://lifeofwry.com/2020/03/25/adaptation/) […]

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