Twilight Zone

March 17, 2020

I’m probably dating myself; maybe the more modern term is Zombie Apocalypse. In any case, here are a few shots on the day… from this morning’s #walkwithVicki.

The campus is practically empty. No classes. It IS finals week, but this quarter all finals are online, so it’s extra quiet. The UCD Library was open, surprisingly, but they’ve added hand washing stations at the entrance.


Mishka’s is allowing people to sit inside. Starbucks and Phill’s are both “grab and go.” Not sure about Peet’s right now, nor Temple. Both were open yesterday for sit down business, but that could be changing. Here’s a near-empty Mishka’s:



Ordinarily, during finals week, it’d be packed and the wifi extra frustratingly terrible.  We sat outside anyway.

It may happen that in the days and weeks to come, the restrictions will tighten and we won’t be allowed to be in public at all. We’re not there yet.

We’re all finding ways to adjust to this shelter at home situation. So far, there are numerous interpretations of what that actually means. For some it means staying home (imagine that). For some it means “snow day” — time off to go have fun. For most, it’s something in between, though skewing toward the more restrictive. The people in charge are going to have to be more explicit, I think.

I’ll leave you with this funny. It’s from Jim’s sister Teresa, who got it from the ever meme-rich interwebs, no doubt.  We’ll call it Shelter in Place Bingo. 

IMG_4924 2

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