March 5, 2020

Hashtag We Save Us is an informal slogan for our local political action group formed in the immediate aftermath of the 2016 train wreck of an election. When we were all shell shocked. When we were all sad. When we were all angry. And when we all needed a place to transform our despair into something a wee bit more constructive than crying in our beer.  We needed to convert a whole lot of negative energy into something positive and politically productive.

For the last three years, Sister District and Indivisible Yolo have, independently, organized all kinds of local activities and events, partnering with bigger, broader efforts regionally and nationwide. Mostly, we’ve post carded, text banked, phone banked, canvassed, registered voters, marched, ponied up money for faraway races… all of that. Our two groups have overlapped efforts all over the place and, in fact, co-hosted and coordinated on a good many of these activities.

Our group is going STRONG, hundreds strong. Now, we’ve officially joined forces to become a powerful, unstoppable mega group committed to electing as many democrats up and down the ballot, in and out of our state, as possible.

We just concluded a very successful fund drive to cover all expenses needed to open a Volunteer Center over on Olive Dr. that will be open through the 2020 election. All of our activities and meetings (and supplies) can now be housed in a single space. A large one at that.

And tonight we hosted an Election 2020 Kickoff Rally.. which was quite a success!

Some pics…

Kelly addressing the 200+ crowd of enthusiastic future super political action volunteers


Kelly and Rachel, leaders extraordinaire!

k and r

All the team leaders Linda, Audry, Meghan, Tim, Emily and Katherine, who spoke on text banking, post carding, promotion, phone banking, committing and voter registration.


And moi.. I spoke on canvassing.

me at sister dis

It was an exceptionally motivating, inspiring, passion fest of political energy!

And on Saturday morning, we host a ribbon cutting, open house at our new Volunteer Center. On Saturday afternoon, we get to work!


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