Nevertheless, I Persisted

March 3, 2020

Proudly, with eyes wide open and a conscience clear and satisfied, I voted for Elizabeth.


And yet, despite my vote, and the vote of just about everybody I know, Elizabeth is losing significantly. Returns are coming in as I write this, and she is just getting pummeled. She even lost her home state of Massachusetts. And her birth state of Oklahoma. She’s getting killed in California, even Yolo County.

I sure can’t say I understand the voting public. She’s progressive, modern, smart, an incredible communicator, hard working, high energy, practical, experienced, authentic, consistent, proven. For democrats, she checks all the boxes.

Maybe she just lost some mo at a critical time. Maybe it’s because she made a couple of bad goofs along the way, but NOTHING compared to the goofs made by other candidates.

My only conclusion is that she’s a she.

I mean, really? She’s running against three old white guys.* That ALONE is reason to vote for her. Have we not progressed beyond old white guys dominating every damn thing?

I’m so tired of this.

(*) Biden, Sanders, Bloomberg

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