December 28, 2016

Today in my Facebook feed, a couple photos randomly appeared next to one another in a lovely bit of synchronicity. Both photos of California cities, both beautiful.

Not sure of the photographers, but I surely appreciate the art. Thank you, whoever.






In other news, enjoyed an early morning drive down the road to Vacaville.. where Jim got his first ever MRI at the Kaiser facility there… was pretty along I-80, as it often is…


And here’s one from the halls of Kaiser Permanente, still quite early in the mornin’…


It’s worth posting what Jim said on Facebook:


We are going to get to the bottom of that burnt coffee smell, yet!




2 Responses to “Synchroni-City”

  1. ryland johnson Says:

    Hi Kari,

    I laughed out loud when I read Jim’s comment about an MRI. I’ll remember and smile the next time I have one. Why is he having one?

    Love, Aunt Ellie

    • Kari Says:

      A couple of months ago, he started smelling burnt coffee. He looked this weird symptom up on the Internet (never do this) and found all kinds of scary things. He told his doctor, who ordered an x-ray. They saw nothing. His doctor referred him to a specialist who ordered an MRI. We’re looking for a clear brain.

      This falls under the category of “phantom odor.” Can mean a range of things, some scary. Could be nothing whatsoever. We’re hoping for that! 🙂

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