Toddies and Tidings

December 22, 2016

Continuing the dinner with friends theme of Christmas this year…we had Phil over. Rarely do we get a few hours of unencumbered time just to talk and hang out. Seems whenever we see Phil, it’s in passing, or at another party with lots of people. Tonight, though, we got to actually talk and catch up.

He arrived with toddy fixings. Wuhoo! Bourbon, spiced pear liqueur, lemon juice, an orange dotted with cloves, honey and boiling water.


Peter hung out for a while and they got a good long game of chess in (ended in a stalemate):


Amina dropped in in time for dessert (Jim’s bread pudding and gelato), which was a nice surprise. Sat by the fire and Phil did a bit of this:



Lovely, lovely.







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