Final Final

December 9, 2016

Peter took his final final today–chemistry, 8:00am. Like a bit of fancy clockwork, I departed Palos Verdes and was driving down the off ramp to La Jolla Shores Drive at 11:00am as his text came in letting me know he had finished his final, had breakfast with Ray and was now ready to meet and load the car. I showed up moments later at the dorm parking lot and handed over his giant suitcase for filling. Six or seven trips later, the car was full and he was ready to close out his first quarter of college.

Here are a couple shots:

Walking back for another load…


And yet another load…



Next stop: Huntington Beach for lunch at Legends with Matt… oh how I wish I got a picture of that burger.  I left them to their golf (with Eric) at Little Rec and I headed over to the peninsula to see Aunt Ellie and Uncle Bud.


Had a nice bit of catch up. Seeing the canals at Christmas is always a thrill… this is a shot of on the Alamitos Bay side …


This was a shot in the other direction of one of the oil rigging islands off the shore of downtown:


I retrieved Peter from Matt and Michael’s and we headed back to PV to have dinner with mom. We decided to try a new (to us) place in Redondo for take out..


It was pretty good!

Anyway.. great to be able to pick up Peter, glad finals are over, nice for him to get some time with Matty and Eric (sure the golf felt good after the last couple intense weeks of studying), glad to see Aunt Ellie and Uncle Bud, wonderful that Peter could have a little time with grandma.  We’re missing Christmas down here, so that was all good.


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