The Details in the Devil

December 7, 2016


Made some deviled egg today.


In other news, I gave my mom an early Christmas present today–a Kindle.

This is not the first Kindle we’ve given her: In honor of her 80th birthday, all of us siblings went in together to get what was, at the time, a pretty fancy gift (pricey, too; I believe it was about $400 then). We figured a digital reader that was bright and offered an enlarged font option was perfect because it was getting harder and harder for her to read the print on small paperbacks.

She resisted mightily, never used it, and I believe it ultimately found its way to Chris’ apartment.

Seven years later, her eyesight is even more challenged and a Kindle (or Kindle-like device) is an even more brilliant option. Especially when she says things like, “I can’t focus on the words anymore,” and “If I lose the ability to read, life is not worth living,” etc., etc.



She kinda, sorta tried it, but got immediately frustrated. She then claimed that she was still quite able to read her paperbacks, and that she totally preferred the feel of a real book.

I also realized she’d never be able to troubleshoot if she inadvertently found herself on some random page, or the battery was running low, or, heaven forbid, something more complicated happened (as they always seem to do).

I’d said she had the whole world of books available to her with the click of a button (and ordered one just like that to prove it), but she dryly responded it’d probably take her the rest of her life to get through the book she’s currently reading (it does go very slowly for her these days).

I’d been selling the whole idea fairly enthusiastically, but that  pretty much shut me up.

So, looks like we bought me an early Christmas present.


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